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Wow I thought you were more intelligent than those who compare abortion to killing a birthed newborn, but I guess not.

I’m intelligent enough to know the differences between killing a new born and killing a the unborn:

  • the motive (im an evil baby killer vs. im scared and pregnant)
  • the person killing (criminal vs. doctor)
  • the legality and response of the masses (that’s terrible how can you do such a thing to your own baby vs. well done on being so brave)
  • location

But I’m not stupid enough to ignore the similarities!

  • the person being killed in both situations is the same human being but at different stages in its life
  • the end result (death of a human being)
  • both of the victims were alive
  • sometimes the motive (selfishness, hatred towards the child)
  • sometimes the person killing (self administered abortions, rare)

I just bolded the most important points really. The difference in age of the human being aborted and the age of the newborn baby can be as little as 20 weeks (sometimes more and sometimes less)

In every case of abortion and murder, the rights of a unique and living human being are cruelly taken away. Most importantly (and most obviously) the right to live. So really, there is not that much difference between killing the unborn and killing the just born. Even sentience is hardly an argument here since the line between these 2 stages of life is so thin and blurred.

Unfortunately, with an abortion this is an acceptable action for reasons that after all these years I can’t fully get my head around. - Gabbie

"Bored of repetitive asks" god yeah, talking about abuse victims can be so boring and annoying. How pro-life of you.

There’s no point in sending me an ask on anon that says exactly the same thing as a comment you made unanonymously in your reblog of that post.

But yes, I’m bored of repetitive asks. I’m bored of repeating myself so I thought “hey instead of just talking about victims of abuse why don’t I do a small bit to try and educate and aid people who are or may be victims of abuse”

Which is more helpful and useful and loving? Golly if you think it’s just repeating myself over and over you couldn’t be more wrong and we’re done here. - Gabbie


Do you ever have a problem where you just don’t know how to reply to an argument, not because you don’t know the answer, but you just don’t know where to begin? Like, the foundation of knowledge you’d need to impart to this person before you could even begin to drag them out of their sinkhole of ignorance would cost thousands of dollars if it were coming from a university?

did you know that reproductive coercion is one of the major forms of abuse, used by an abuser to "keep" their victim? That a majority of those who stay with their abusers do it for the kids? That one of the leading causes of death during pregnancy is domestic violence? And no, the law is NOT on the woman's size with abuse. Women die every day from it. Do some research before you spew bull.

Yeah I’m bored of repetitive asks like this so I’m going to post some handy links instead.

Think you’re being abused? Know someone who may be being abused?

What is abuse in relationships like?

Is my relationship healthy?

What can I do to help women and children in  abusive situations?

Who can I call if I’m in trouble? 

And a website with hotlines for all kinds of horrible and difficult situations.

- Gabbie

Consent to sex is not consent to pregnancy. If I was driving recklessly, crashed, dislocated my shoulder, and went to the hospital, would the doctors say, "Welp, sorry, you knew the dangers of driving, and drove recklessly, so we can't reset your shoulder."? Women are not fucking incubators. There are women who never want to have children and guess what-they have every right to fuck all they want. How about you stop sex-shaming and mind your own business.

If repairing a dislocated shoulder meant killing a human being then that would be a totally fair comparison to abortion. But alas, it does not, so it is not.

I’m not sex shaming - have as much sex as you like and see if I give a tuppeny cuss, just don’t be an idiot and actually use protection correctly - and I don’t expect every one to want children, but once they’re pregnant they already have a child. 

I don’t want women to be incubators, I don’t want women to have unwanted pregnancies. I want every pregnancy to be wanted and every mother to be willing, I want people to have protected sex at sensible times when they’re not ovulating, I want the number of unwanted pregnancies to be at rock bottom. Trust me, I want this more than you do.

But once you’re past the point of conception you already have a pregnancy and you are already a mother. 

You wouldn’t be a mother of a newborn and say “you know what, we had sex and I decided to keep the pregnancy, but I’m not sure I consent to being a mother any more. In fact, I do fuck all I want [as you so eloquently suggested is the mindset of women in a crisis pregnancy]. So I’m going to kill this baby. Consent to pregnancy is not consent to motherhood!” *blam*

- Gabbie

Didn't answer my question about abuse. Have you been in an abusive relationship? How dare you mock women who have. When you're in an abusive relationship there is no way out. It quite literally is a a dungeon. You've been psychologically reprogrammed to fear and obey. And do you know how dangerous shelters are? Do you know that abusers isolate their victims from their families? There's no EASY way to get out of an abusive relationship, so yes, abortion could be absolutely necessary.

First you say there is no way out, then you imply abortion is the only way out and is necessary. Tell me how abortion will get you out of the “dungeon” any faster than any other solution.

And so you think shelters are more dangerous than abusive relationships? Literally what are you saying? - g

you're all super cool, thanks for doing what you do :) keep up the good work

Aw thanks very much! :) - Gabbie

You don’t need to publish this… I just didn’t know how else to get the link to you… I want you to check out that video. I’m very pro-choice. I personally wouldn’t get an abortion now probably because of more reasons than one… but I’m still pro-choice. I want you to watch that and see what you think of it. He’s a comedian but also speaks the truth so well. I love this video, you may hate it but I wanna hear what you have to say about it

Honestly if you want my honest opinion on this you have to ask me on my personal blog. I’ve seen it a lot of times and it makes me want to scream and tear my own eyeballs out of their sockets with my bare hands I swear.

I have never witnessed 8 minutes of such concentrated idiocy, ignorance and scientifically inaccurate drivel (if one more person says an omelette is the same as an abortion I swear to glob…)

And he seems to think periods and ejaculation are the same as a fertilised egg as well. (give me strength) It’s “if abortion is murder then a blowjob is cannibalism” all over again.

Really, I can’t. I can take this blow by blow on my other blog but not here.

So yeah this guy makes me so angry that I don’t feel comfortable sharing all my true opinions on this man and his audience on this blog. Because a lot of our followers don’t like it when we “fight fire with fire”. 

So yeah.

I mean I have less than 0 ounces of respect for this man. I mean as a human being sure, I respect all human life, but as a comedian or an entertainer or a public speaker or whatever he calls himself, 0. Honestly he and Richard Dawkins are right up there together on the top 10 people that make me want to jump of a cliff (which I’m sure they’d be happy about, actually. even though hes dead)

Followers, if you want an experience that will make you pee blood with rage then watch this video (especially conservatives and catholics you’re gonna love it)

- Gabbie

Settle down Beavis

no I am cornholio

Friday, April 18, 2014

"If you’re pro life you should donate blood and organs"



This command comes from pro choicers who believe that abortion is the same as refusing to give blood, and that pregnancy is a charity like giving blood.

And I will prove you are wrong one last time:

Donating blood is comparable to pregnancy, yes. You do share your body fluids with the foetus etc.

BUT refusing to give blood is ENTIRELY incomparable to abortion.

Giving blood to other people is giving life to people that aren’t your responsibility. Whose death you are not causing and cannot cause. If someone halfway across the country that I do not know dies of blood loss, I have not killed them.I have no duty to those people, but refusal to help is passive and abortion is active and there is a huge and incredibly important distinction between the two.

If someone halfway across the world dies of starvation, my choosing not ro give money to the charity that could save them is not the sole reason they are dead. I have not killed them. My lack of action hasn’t helped, but I personally have not ripped them up or injected them with toxins and murdered them in their sleep.

That is what abortion is.

Abortion is not the simply refusing to help a stranger one does not know and has not seen, whose health is in no way directly reliant on your help an aid, that may or may not die or become ill because of actions you refuse to carry out.

Abortion is the active killing and removal of a foetus that results in the guaranteed and instantaneous death of your child who YOU created and put there and who is entirely and 100% your responsibility and who you have a duty of care to.

Now don’t you dare tell me that they’re the same because the sre different in almost every conceivable way.


Refusal to donate: passive/indirect/stranger/not the sole cause of death/potential death only/potential salvation with donation only.

Abortion: active/direct/purposeful/immediate/your child/sole cause of death/100% garuantee.

On a side note, donating blood is a super amazing thing to do and I would encourage anyone to do it as it’s very rewarding. And I will be on the organ donor register.

So let me get this straight. Abortion is wrong because the pregnant person is the only one that can carry it to term? But not donating blood isn’t wrong because you’re not the only one that can donate blood? So if it were possible to transplant fetuses then abortion would be 100% okay because it’s no longer only the pregnant person that could prevent the fetus from dying? How does that make sense?

Abortion is the active killing and removal of a foetus that results in the guaranteed and instantaneous death of your child. If it were possible to transplant pregnancies then it wouldn’t be an abortion because the baby would be able to survive elsewhere. You’re just deliberately misinterpreting the point.

The number of people capable of helping can determine whether or not someone should be helped? 

No. The number of people capable of helping determines whether or not one should help. If a million people can save 1 person, then if I’m in that million, I don’t need to help for the child to be helped. Someone else can. It’s important that the child is helped, but it’s not important that I, gabbie from OSPL, am the one to do it. (although i would)

If you see someone in trouble it’s only your responsibility to save them if there isn’t one other person around? 

Yes. If someone else is around then there is joint responsibility/ a 50% chance you’re going to be the one who needs to be responsible. If you’re the only one there, YOU have to help.

Honestly, what does the number of people capable of helping have to do with anything?

Just said it twice now.

And how does distance matter as long as you are capable of helping in some way? Does a dying person two miles away more deserving of your help than one that is two hundred? Is someone five feet away from you more worthy of help than someone ten feet away?

It’s more to do with relationships than distance. Human beings, all mammals (most mammals?) have a responsibility for their children. A duty of care. Human beings don’t have a responsibility or the obligation to help absolutely everyone else in the world, but it’s basic humanity to care for your offspring. That’s not really asking much. Charity starts at home - didn’t your mother ever say that? So yeah. Not so much a geographic relationship.

And what is the difference between actively denying someone help and passively denying them help?  Why is one okay but not the other? Is it okay to deny someone access to your house but not okay to actively remove them from your house? 

All the difference in the world. Abortion is not “actively denying someone help” it is active murder. Don’t talk about houses like that’s the same. Preventing a human being from entering your body for use and saying “no i don’t want to give you my organs and help you” is not the same as dissolving or chopping or removing and killing a human being that is inside you already. If 2 men and a woman are on the street and the woman shoots a gun at one of the men, and the other man does nothing - has he killed the man? Is his responsibility for the death of that man equal to the woman? No. Is he still in the wrong, arguably yes, but he isn’t a murderer and that’s the difference.

Not giving blood is not good. You should give blood, it’s the right thing to do. But not giving blood is not the same as draining the blood from a human being and killing them. That’s worse because that is active murder.

I’m sorry, but not one of these points you brought up is convincing in the least, that’s even ignoring the fact that people can actually suffer from not receiving blood donations and not from being aborted as a non-sentient fetus. 

You’re either obligated to help or not. Distance, number of other people that can do it, nor directness have anything to do with it. 

My responses are in the bolded paragraphs.

Sorry this took so long, I just really couldn’t be bothered before; this is the most long winded response with about 3 billion questions on it and I honestly just thought “nah screw that” before even reading it.

But just so you don’t think you’ve won, I have responded. - Gabbie

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